About Us

My Photo My name is Mike Williamson, Sr. and I am a CPA in Ennis, TX. As a conservative I have watched this nation lurch so far left into liberalism I decided I had to do something about it if my kids were to have any chance to grow up and enjoy the freedoms and liberties of this country which I have been able to experience.

I also do sports photography and was introduced to the world of media when my wife handed me an ad from the Ennis Daily News asking for someone to cover two high school football team and provide a weekly written article and photographs. While I had never written and article, I had newpaper photography experience and called the newspaper. From there I ended up with a contract writing a weekly politically conservative column for them.

I have set up this site and a blog with the intention of publishing my articles for all to see and to try to syndicate my columns in an effort to spread the word that this country needs to turn back to conservatism in order to maintain its freedoms and liberties.